Top 10 Supply Acquisition Trends for 2013

Supply acquisitions are a cornerstone of almost every business on the planet. Even service companies need supplies and equipment to do their business. The year 2013 will bring some trends that will impact the way companies will handle ordering and paying for supplies and equipment.

Here are the top ten trends in the world of supply acquisitions you need to pay attention to in 2013:

  1. Corporate leaders will be looking at the economic outlook as a deciding factor in business investment decisions. If economic indicators continue to run positive, the amount of supply acquisitions will begin to increase.
  2. Industry experts are saying, that based on current economic indicators, equipment investment should pick up in the second part of 2013.
  3. With better economic news, pent-up demand in many industries will spur investment across many equipment categories. Many companies have put off equipment acquisition due to economic conditions.
  4. Companies will be able to get the equipment they need by taking advantage of the record low interest rates. This will allow companies to conserve cash for other business needs.
  5. Most companies will be using financing of some sort to acquire equipment. The use of company credit will increase the amount of investment made.
  6. The size of a business will impact the amount of equipment acquisition that happens. Larger companies will be leveraging their assets.
  7. Cloud computing will change the way businesses handle IT investments. Instead of purchasing large amounts of IT equipment using the cloud and paying monthly fees will become more attractive.
  8. Long-term equipment financing remains favorable due to good credit market conditions. This will spur further investment.
  9. Congress recently extended bonus deprecation. This should provide incentives for businesses to invest in equipment they have put off buying.
  10. Businesses are going to begin adapting their equipment acquisition strategies to comply with newly released revisions to lease accounting standards. This will not remove the value of lease financing however.

Companies need to position their finances to take advantage of these trends in supply and equipment acquisitions. Commercial financing offers the means to begin investing in those purchases you have put off for so long.


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